Informed, engaged citizens will find the way to better health care and health for all.


Our mission is to create opportunities for nonpartisan civic education and engagement, bringing people together who share the values of better health care and health for all.

When informed, engaged citizens work together in common cause, we build broad support for good public policies. And in doing so, we offer a constructive path toward positive and lasting social change.

Our work focuses on taking complex information and making it understandable to the public, so that weighing in on these important issues does not feel so daunting. It’s why we hold workshops and our annual conference. We believe that people want to engage effectively, but sometimes need a translator along the way.

A small group of staff provides core support.

We Can Do Better - WorkshopIn 2008, we endorsed the Triple Aim, which guides our strategies and areas of policy focus. Three objectives must be approached simultaneously  in order to transform the health system:

  1. improved health of a defined population;
  2. reduced (or contained) per capita costs; and
  3. an improved experience of care for the users of the system.[divider]

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