What We Do


We optimize website, webinars, in-person sessions and our Annual Conference to accommodate those who understand health policy inside and out, along with those who are new to the language of insurance, health plans, health reform, public and private approaches. Education can be tailored for small groups or large gatherings.


Since part of our mission is around engagement, each year we hold trainings on public speaking, framing and messaging, and how to be compelling when speaking with (or before) policy makers and decision makers.


Being a non-partisan organization allows us to work in coalitions with other organizations who share the belief that that health reform should result in better health, lower or contained costs, and a better experience for all of us who use the system – the essential components of the Triple Aim. Staff from We Can Do Better have played leadership roles in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Consumer Voices for Coverage, the Oregon Health Reform Collaborative, the Allies Group, the Human Services Coalition of Oregon, and the Ladders to Leadership Initiative.


Staff are available to meet with community organizations, local leaders and employers to sort through some of the complex issues that must be broached in order to transform the health system. Sessions can be contracted to be ad-hoc or on a recurring basis. From general topics like the history of reform, or understanding health equity to technical ones such as how the insurance exchange will work, what the key concerns are regarding electronic health records, or how Medicare and Medicaid interact with the current reform efforts, we can put together speakers and panels that are expert in these areas.

Contact us if you would like to discuss education or training needs for your group.