Who We Are

3 We Can Do Better participants at a workshopAll great movements have started with people, because collective wisdom is stronger and smarter than any one individual. And we believe that it is time to leave partisan politics behind.

We Can Do Better engages citizens in identifying barriers and solutions to improving health and health care for all. We combine traditional tools – community forums and workshops – with new media to bring people together.

Online and in-person opportunities for the public to become informed, organize, and voice their opinions lead to real-time grassroots civic action that influences public policy debate.

We want public and private programs to reflect our shared principles and framework. The process won’t always be easy or comfortable because we recognize we have tough choices ahead.

We believe that positive and lasting social change only comes when engaged citizens work together in common cause. We Can Do Better is a nonpartisan space for civic engagement for people to develop strategies and solutions that inform public policy and result in better health and health care for all.