It’s nice to learn new things and talk to people, but what we really want is change for the better. So, when it’s time to take action you’ll be ready to go. Ongoing actions include:

  • E-Advocacy: Our monthly newsletters keep you updated, but we also send out periodic action alerts. asking you to Add your name to a petition, email your legislators, or show up and march for a cause.
  • Citizen Lobby Days: During legislative sessions we gather in Salem, and prep you to meet with your state Senator and Representative. It is fun and you’re with colleagues so it’s not so intimidating.
  • Show Up: Decisions are made every day by boards, committees, councils, and commissions – during legislative sessions and every day in-between.
  • Speak Up: Give written or oral testimony, send emails, post on blogs, write to online and print media. Your voice matters.
  • Apply: There are committees, boards, commissions who are always looking for someone to apply and join. For example, you can check out the Oregon vacancies here. Even your local hospital, clinic, or schools might have openings for a community member. Check it out!

For the latest idea of how you can act, please visit our Act blog category.