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What do your donations support?

Staff, scholarships, the website, trainings and workshops.

We have a small group of hardworking staff who provide content for the website, newsletters, social media, conduct workshops throughout the year across the state, work with our amazing group of volunteers, provide policy analysis and gather public input for policy makers and other key decision makers.

We can’t do any of this without your support.

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Your contribution supports our work and helps us grow – providing the resources essential to create the dynamic change that people across Oregon and the nation have a history of achieving.

Our founder, former Governor John Kitzhaber, MD, said it best in 2006:

“The responsibility to fix this system, to bring about the reforms we all know are necessary, does not belong to someone else, it belongs to us, to you and to me and to citizens in communities throughout this state and throughout this nation. This is something we can do, and it’s something we must do.”

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Contribute now and make a difference.