Who We Are...

All great movements

have come up

from the people.

Change happens

when we work together

in common cause.

We believe that

the era of partisan politics

belongs in the past.

"With public sentiment,

nothing can fail; without it

nothing can succeed."

— Abraham Lincoln

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We Can Do Better 2015 Conference

Connecting the Dots for a Healthier Oregon

October 1, 2015

A unique regional collaboration among nine prominent health systems and medical groups in the Northwest will provide more than one million patients in Oregon and Southwest Washington with electronic access to the notes their providers include in medical records.
[fancy_link variation=”red” link=”/what-we-do/northwest-opennotes-consortium/”]Learn more about Northwest OpenNotes Consortium[/fancy_link]


Choosing Wisely Choosing Wisely is a website where you can look up health tests and procedures, helping you decide what is necessary for you.
[fancy_link variation=”red” link=”http://www.consumerhealthchoices.org/OMA”]Learn more about Choosing Wisely[/fancy_link]

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Jargon and Acronyms

Want to weigh in but need a translator for the terms being used? Hear yourself saying “I’d like to buy a vowel.” This link may help.Glossary and FAQs

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