Liz Baxter - in the Oregonian

Liz Baxter used personal stories to try and persuade lawmakers to back a bill that would have improved health equity in Oregon. The bill failed, but she thinks it helped make culturally specific health care "part of the discussion." Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

On January 28th, The Oregonian published a story on our own Liz Baxter. Ryan Kost’s story begins:

There’s a framed family photograph beside Liz Baxter’s door that she has been meaning to hang for months.

More than three dozen people pose in front of a white camper van on patchy grass in Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The people in the photo have a wide range of skin colors. Baxter, who now lives in Portland, calls it a “rainbow spectrum.”

“This is what my mom and dad created,” she says. She thinks about her parents, a black woman and a white man.

They might not have realized it, she says, but they taught her one thing: “If there’s something that doesn’t make sense, you try and change it.”

You can read the whole story at The Oregonian online.