As the 2011 legislative session winds down there are some key policy changes we’re tracking. (See below.) Not all policy changes happen at the state level, and not all changes need legislation, but during the session it certainly consumes a lot of attention. A couple of issues our Community Leadership Council (CLC) felt were important haven’t passed this session (reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and eliminating BPA in children’s beverage containers) but those proposals will be back next session.

Our CLC is a partner in how we approach policy and legislative issues. We hear many diverse opinions, and in addition to sharing what we think, we also identify questions that can guide public discourse, and will often share what our colleagues’ positions are in relation to bills.

For example, CLC member Mike Grady, MD, proposes taking Oregon’s health transformation to another level by combining two ideas that could – taken together – create and fund an Oregon Health Plan for us all. Read Dr. Grady’s proposal »

Inspired by these discussions about what it will take for us to truly “transform” health care and health, Liz Baxter, our executive director, put her musings into a blog post. Read Liz’s post and comment on that page to share your thoughts about our path to transformation.

An informed, engaged populace is what we’re working towards. And everyday we’re reminded that most Oregonians are paying attention to other issues, and are at “Day One” of learning about health reform, exchanges, Medicaid, Medicare and the like. We will continue our work as a source for Oregonians who want to engage, whether they already know what they’re after or they’re just learning.

Three Major Bills in the 2011 Oregon Legislature