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Second CO-OP to form in Oregon

Oregon will have two CO-OPs forming in Oregon, after news of federal loans awarded to Oregon’s Health CO-OP. Together with CCO’s and the Exchange, there is a lot brewing to transform how Oregonians access and purchase insurance and get better care, and even more need for consumer input. You can read the CMS award press release here.

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Nature-Deficit Disorder

Timothy Egan, who writes “on American politics and life, as seen from the West,” has a great Opinionator piece in The New York Times this week. Here’s an excerpt: Something’s amiss. A third of all American adults — check, it just went up to 35.7 percent — are obese. The French don’t even have a word for fat, Paul Rudnick mused …

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Primer for Supreme Court Oral Arguments

For those who want to understand the different and varied legal questions argued before the Supreme Court this week, the NY Times put together a pretty good primer for taking a closer look at the constitutional questions that will be decided. It is complicated and each day’s arguments have focused on specific aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Whenever the …

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Health care on pace to grab half of typical family income

In The Oregonian, Joe Rojas-Burke reports: Health insurance for a family could cost more than the annual earnings of half of U.S. households by 2033, if premiums and wages continue at the current pace. As a result, the health system is headed toward a meltdown unless the country can agree on reforms that substantially curb the growth of spending, according to an …

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Study Indicates Low Health Literacy Can Increase Mortality Risk

The results of a longitudinal study published this week in the British Medical Journal reports that a third of older adults in England have difficulties reading and understanding basic health related written information and this poorer understanding is associated with higher mortality, Having just attended a conference on health literacy, this has significant importance as the CCOs continue to evolve …

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