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Big Food vs Big Insurance

Jounalist and college professor Michael Pollan contributed a hugely important bit of writing to the health reform debate on September 9th. His New York Times Op-Ed, “Big Food vs. Big Insurance,” eloquently lays out why this national discussion needs to be about health, not just our medical system. “The American way of eating has become the elephant in the room …

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The Naked Economist: Why Health Care is Different

n his “The Naked Economist” column, Charles Wheelen poses the fundamental question, “Why do we need a health care system, and what should be it’s guiding principles?” He says: Health care is different from all other basic needs because the costs are so unpredictable. The bill for your health care next year could be $150 or it could be $3 …

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“Money Driven Medicine” – Video on Health Costs

“Money-Driven Medicine is one of the strongest documentaries I have seen in years and could not be more timely. The more people who see and talk about it, the more likely we are to get serious and true health care reform.” – Bill Moyers » Watch the video Money-Driven Medicine provides the essential introduction Americans need to become knowledgeable participants in …

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Krugman OpEd on Long Term Health Care Debt

In a recent New York Times column, Nobel-laureate economist Paul Krugman say not to fret about the federal debt that has seen a significant increase recently. He says, however, that failing to fix health care could be the real undoing of our economy and government: So is there anything to worry about? Yes, but the dangers are political, not economic. As …

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Debunking Canadian Health System Myths

In an opinion piece for the Denver Post, Rhonda Hackett, a Canadian pshychologist practicing in Colorado, discusses the facts and myths of the Canadian “single payer” system. She prefers to call it “social insurance.” » Check it out

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