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Call for nominations: Oregon Health System Transformation Workgroups

The Oregon Health Authority is looking for qualified Oregonians to serve on the Oregon Health System Transformation Workgroups: WORK GROUPS: OREGON HEALTH SYSTEM TRANSFORMATION – House Bill 3650 Deadline for application: 9 a.m., Friday, July 15, 2011 Oregon has an opportunity before us. Given the high cost of health care and the state budget realities, we all know we have to do …

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[UPDATED] SB 695 and HB 3689 – Banning BPA in Children’s Beverage Containers

Our Community Leadership Council supports the efforts of Representative Ben Cannon to bring SB 695 to a vote on the House floor. In order for that to happen he needs 31 House members to sign something called a discharge petition that would bring the bill – which has already passed the Senate and the House committee – to a vote …

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Rare Public Hearing Being Held on Insurer Rate Request

Regence has requested a 22% rate increase in its individual and small group product which currently includes about 60,000 Oregonians. All rate increase requests are public information, but are often written in a way that is incomprehensible unless you happen to be an actuary. But you – and every other Oregonians – can also weigh in on each and every …

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Community Health Workers


To those who are interested in the role of Community Health Workers (CHW’s) in Oregon’s health care system I wanted to bring up an issue that was discussed by the House/Senate Joint Health Transformation Committee on Wednesday evening (May 4th). There is a provision in Oregon House Bill 3650 – the health transformation draft bill – that stipulates that the …

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Ever Seen the Mad As Hell Doctors?

They are going on tour again! Check out this map The Mad As Hell Doctors (MAHD) follow up on their landmark 2009 national and 2010 California tours with spirited rallies in western Oregon counties during the next few weeks.  Their program features music by local musicians and the audience (singing); documentary videos by Paul Hochfeld M.D.; testimony by physicians and …

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